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End Of Extended Free Subscription

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End Of Extended Free Subscription

Postby GDEXXY » Sep 16, 2004 (7:20 pm)

Effective September 30th, 2004, we will be removing the Extended Free subscription option to Eaxia Online. At that time, we will automatically downgrade any account with the Extended Free account status to Basic Free account status and will rename Basic Free to simply just Free. Free accounts will be permitted to purchase quest tickets (unlike our current Basic Free accounts), but will otherwise have the same account benefits and limitations as a Basic Free subscription currently has. Click here for full free account benefits and limitations. We will also make a revision on our policy on free account ownership, rewording "one free account per person" to "one free account per household and/or I.P. address", which was our original intention to begin with.

We made this decision based on a number of reasons, the first of which is that the current Extended Free account is considerably close (in benefits) to the Commoner account subscription: two character slots, 100-150 pounds of vault space, and can engage in a number of events (except alterers/merchants). With the exception of home ownership, both accounts are very simular and we feel this lessens some of the value of the Commoner account subscription. Also, while we would love to permit free gameplay to everyone, it is simply not a possibility and by offering the Extended Free account subscription, we undervalue our service. The account type is simply counterproductive and while it's certainly not "all about the money", the more of it we have, the better off our service is and the higher quality we can offer to you.

Considering that despite its limitations, the Basic Free subscription is far more than most successful text-based online gaming service offers (and unheard of in MMO/MMORPG's) and we don't intend to remove it. Rest assured, those who can not afford to play, will still be offered one character slot per household completely free so long as the account is played for at least ten hours per week (average). Just like now, when an Extended Free account is downgraded, it will lose access to other characters on the account -- however those characters will not be deleted. If you have an Extended Free subscription, you will not be in any immediate danger of character deletion should your account be downgraded to Extended Free.

For those of you who would like to access multiple character slots and/or enjoy the benefits of a paid account, there are three paid account options to choose from starting at only $3.99 per month. Click here for full paid account benefits and limitations, including pricing. As an incentive towards upgrading, we are offering a 15% discount towards ALL prepaid package purchases from now until 9/30/2004 for all Basic Free and Extended Free account subscribers. Please feel free to take advantage of this offer and take a look at our prepaid packages since they also often offer account alteration credits.
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