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Alterations & Lost Items

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Alterations & Lost Items

Postby GDAREMENTA » Aug 18, 2004 (7:58 pm)

Hi everyone,

I wanted to let you know 2 things.

1) I've taken the reigns on the Champion alteration requests, and will be working to get all pending requests done and out to you all ASAP. :)

2) I've also taken over lost item requests fully right now. I think there are still some pending lost items. Please email me if you have been waiting for items to be restored to you. I'm really sorry for any delay on these. We just had a lot of 'em at once, and not a lot of time or people to work on them, and while I did many of them I'm sure I must not have gotten them all. Please drop me a line at GD-Arementa@XXXXX.XXX with details. The original reports are still around so, I can compare files once I know who needs what, once I know who it is. ;)
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