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V'Rung and Soul Stealer Swamp Areas Open

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V'Rung and Soul Stealer Swamp Areas Open

Postby GDAREMENTA » Jun 2, 2004 (1:33 pm)

I should have posted this a day ago, but here 'tis, just in case anyone missed the buzz or the news. :> (These 2 areas were actually released late Monday night, for what it's worth.)

The town of V'Rung is now open! This includes the Soul Stealer Swamp new hunting area. Look for even more baddies out there soon, though, which you will find referenced in the
library at http://www.role-players.com/Eaxia/Libra ... _swamp.php

Also this release does not include the Necromancer guild yet, which is still undergoing just a wee bit more development! Sorry. ;) Has anyone found the guild location yet?

Hope you enjoy the new town, and new things to hunt. A hunter should find everything you need to survive in this town: a jeweler, peltry, depository, plus a tavern and armory. There are a couple of very small yet hopefully fun or amusing things to poke at and play with around town. Anyone find anything like this yet? :>

Area/Rooms will be working to bring you more excitement down towards this Southern trade route area. I'm sure you've noticed the closed gates leading out of the SW and SE of the town. ;)
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