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Combat Rewrite: new skill system

Combat Rewrite: new skill system

Postby GDEXXY » Sep 9, 2006 (7:25 pm)


Combat rewrite release draws near. I'd like you to all be as prepared as possible for the upcoming changes as they will be many with the hope that this will be a smoother transition. This thread focuses primarily on the subject of skill system changes coming with the combat rewrite.

The entire skill system as it pertains to combat is changing but will be adaptive from the current/previous systems. Currently, all skills are available to all character classes and using a skill improves your ability in that skill (which we call ranks). For weapon ranks in a skill, your accuracy increases. Armor ranks improve your armor class.


Every level, regardless of your class, you get a skill point which is used to purchase a skill for your character (your character begins training fundamental and rudimentary arts associated with that skill at various degrees of mastery). Subsequent spending of skill points in a skill raises your Mastery level. Skills do not need to be purchased to use, but you will suffer a heavy penalty to your effective skill rank as a result (if you have 200 ranks in a skill that you have not purchased/spent skill points studying, your effect rank may only be 100 or so -- the exact penalty is still being evaluated and fine-tuned). A skill can be raised as far as Mastery level 10 ("Grandmaster" level).

For offensive skills (weapon skills and martial arts styles), raising skill Mastery beyond the first level will increase your damage potential. Mastery levels beyond level 5 raise your damage and chance to score a critical hit.

For defensive skills (armor skills, dodging/parrying, outnumbered defense, etc.), raising skill Mastery beyond the first level will increase your armor's protective rating. Mastery levels beyond level 5 raise your armor's protective rating and automatically improves your combat position when you attack an opponent (for being able to maneuver especially well in your armor).

For magic skills (a new set of skills), raising skill Mastery beyond the first level will increase your spell's damage potential. Mastery levels beyond level 5 raise your damage and improves your natural resistance to that type of damage (fire, ice, psychic, unholy, etc.).

With the number of current skills being so high, we are also reducing the skill list by categorizing and grouping similar skills together so that your earned skill points (the one you get every level) are more valuable -- affecting a larger group of weapons, armors, etc. with each point you spend. For example, instead of Club, Light Mace, and Heavy Mace, all three skills are classified as just Mace and raising your Mastery level in Mace will improve your ability with all three of these weapons. The skill ranks you have been training in the skills that are being consolidated will be recalculated and applied to the new skill system so you do not need to start re-training skills over again.

To make some of the more powerful weapons more valuable, we are making them slightly more difficult to train by assigning two new properties to each combat-related skill:

(1) each skill has a list of classes that excel with that skill. Classes that do not excel in a skill must spend 2 skill points to raise Mastery levels instead of just 1. Again, skills *can* be used with no Mastery at all, but the effects are considerably diminished.

(2) some of the more advanced skills have pre-requisites before you can purchase them. For example, to purchase the Great Sword skill, you must first have Mastery level 4 ("Rival" level) in Sword.

In example: for a Wizard that does not excel in either Swords or Great Swords, it would take ten total skill points to train Great Sword to its first level of Mastery to use the skill at its full effect where it would only take five points as a Barbarian. Likewise, a Paladin who wants the Holy Mind skill at Mastery level 5 ("Adept") for a considerable bonus to holy damage and a slight bonus to resisting Holy-based damage, it would take ten skill points whereas a Priest need only spend five. Depending on your preferences and character development strategy, the extra cost may be worthwhile to pursue for the advantages of a non-class skill.


Armor (also "equipment") will cease to function as it did previously. Now, armor will include area-specific locations across your body in six different locations: head, shoulders, arms, hands, legs, and torso (chest/back/waist). Each location will provide a total protective value as well as determine damage dampening to that specific location when you are struck.

In addition to this upgrade, each piece of armor will now feature a variable protective value depending on your skill rank with that type of armor. Each piece will have a minimum and maximum value and failure to meet the minimum skill required to don a piece of armor will prohibit you from wearing it altogether. This decision was not an easy one to make, but will allow us to make better distinction in the challenges between levels and other advancement as well as reward players for acquiring new and better armor.

While skill ranks in an armor skill still affect your armor class, they do so in a more specific and important way now. It also makes very good sense to spend skill points towards mastering armor.


Below is a list of old/current skills and what they will be called after the rewrite goes live. Note that when you see -> it relates to a pre-requisite skill as well as the primary skill.

Code: Select all
Offensive skill         New name
----------------------  ----------------------------
Gauntlet                Brawling
Unarmed Strike Medium   Brawling
Unarmed Strike Small    Brawling
Dagger                  Dagger (no change)
Punching Dagger         Cestus
Spiked Gauntlet         Brawling
Light Mace              Mace
Sickle                  Sickle (no change)
Club                    Mace
Halfspear               Spear
Heavy Mace              Mace
Morningstar             Mace -> Morningstar
Quarterstaff            Staff
Shortspear              Spear
Light Crossbow          Crossbow
Dart                    Small Projectiles
Sling                   Small Projectiles
Heavy Crossbow          Crossbow
Javelin                 Spear
Throwing Axe            Small Projectiles
Light Hammer            Hammer
Handaxe                 Axe
Light Lance             Spear
Light Pick              Pick
Sap                     Sap (no change)
Short Sword             Sword
Battleaxe               Axe
Light Flail             Mace -> Flail
Heavy Lance             Spear
Longsword               Sword
Heavy Pick              Pick
Rapier                  Sword
Scimitar                Sword
Trident                 Halberd
Warhammer               Hammer -> Great Hammer
Falchion                Sword -> Great Sword
Heavy Flail             Mace -> Flail
Glaive                  Halberd
Greataxe                Axe -> Great Axe
Greatclub               Staff
Greatsword              Sword -> Great Sword
Guisarme                Halberd
Halberd                 Halberd
Longspear               Spear
Ranseur                 Halberd
Scythe                  Staff -> Scythe
Shortbow                Bow
Composite Shortbow      Bow -> Composite Bow
Longbow                 Bow
Composite Longbow       Bow -> Composite Bow
Halfling Kama           Sickle
Kukri                   Dagger -> Ritual Dagger
Halfling Nunchaku       Nunchaku
Halfling Siangham       Small Projectiles
Kama                    Sickle
Nunchaku                Nunchaku (no change)
Siangham                Small Projectiles
Bastard Sword           Sword -> Great Sword
Dwarven Waraxe          Axe -> Great Axe
Gnome Hooked Hammer     Hammer -> Great Hammer
Orc Double Axe          Axe -> Great Axe
Spiked Chain            Whips -> Spiked Chain
Dire Flail              Mace -> Flail
Two Bladed Sword        Sword -> Great Sword
Dwarven Urgrosh         (was planned, to be removed)
Hand Crossbow           Crossbow -> Hand Crossbow
Shuriken                Small Projectiles
Whip                    Whip (no change)
Repeating Crossbow      Crossbow -> Repeating Crossbow
Net                     Net (no change)

Defensive skill         New name
----------------------  ----------------------------
Balance                 (was planned, to be removed)
Blocking Attacks        Blocking Attacks (no change)
Dodging Attacks         Dodging Attacks (no change)
Heavy Armor             Light Armor -> Heavy Armor
Light Armor             Light Armor (no change)
Martial Arts            Martial Arts (no change)
Medium Armor            Light Armor -> Medium Armor
Misdirection            (planned)
Outnumbered Defense     Outnumbered Defense (no change)
Parrying Attacks        Parrying Attacks (no change)
Tumbling                (planned)
Unarmed Combat          Brawling

Technique skill         New name
----------------------  ----------------------------
Dual-Weapon Tactics     Dual-Weapon Tactics (no change)
Combat Casting          Combat Casting (no change)
Pain Tolerance          (planned)

This is not a complete list of combat-related skills featured in the combat rewrite. That will be released at a later time.
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Postby HANAFAE » Sep 14, 2006 (3:30 pm)

Don't forget about my ''dull spoon''!! ( and fork too)
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Postby GROVENBURGER » Sep 14, 2006 (8:03 pm)

HANAFAE wrote:Don't forget about my ''dull spoon''!! ( and fork too)

It's there. (Third on the list :shock: ) Heck Even Exxy knows better than to leave that one out because otherwise you'd start throwing rubies at him! :twisted:
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Postby HANAFAE » Sep 18, 2006 (3:15 pm)

Ah ha! so it is on the list already.. Okies neverminds me then.
I was all ready for a paddlin oppertunity though *winks*
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Re: Combat Rewrite: new skill system

Postby CHADAZ-EAXIA » Jan 3, 2010 (8:43 pm)

Ok game was down for pretty much most of the day.....so I have been reading the forums....What is the statis of the new combat rewrite, here it is 2010 and it seems the same as back in '06?
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Re: Combat Rewrite: new skill system

Postby SACKETT3 » Jan 13, 2010 (9:31 am)

Dont get bent out of shape over this rewrite. It all started back around 03 or so, we all figure "someday" will come "someday.
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Re: Combat Rewrite: new skill system

Postby CHADAZ-EAXIA » Jan 13, 2010 (4:14 pm)

Lol Me not bent outta shape, was just wonderin :P

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Re: Combat Rewrite: new skill system

Postby TULSIDAS » Mar 4, 2012 (7:34 am)

So where do you "Purchase" skills?


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Re: Combat Rewrite: new skill system

Postby GDAUTUMN » Mar 5, 2012 (6:49 pm)

You don't. XD
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