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Area Projects Updates

Area Projects Updates

Postby GDDONNIE » Sep 23, 2007 (8:38 pm)

The Monk guild has relocated to Semanri near the North Gate. The old guild has been closed although hammering and sawing has been heard going on inside.

Rumor has it that the leader of the Cleric guild in Cal'Ziz has been looking to buy property in Semanri. Something about helping new recruits find the guildhouse quicker and easier.

The Traveller's guild has been rather secretive as is usual what with the gang of rogues and cuthroats that are often seen around there. Chances are they have something up their sleeve as well but nobodys talking as is normal.

In other words all of the common guilds that aren't already will soon relocate to Semanri as soon as the new guild halls are completed, to help new players be able to find them and get started easier.
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