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2007 Q1 Update Summary

2007 Q1 Update Summary

Postby GDEXXY » Apr 5, 2007 (12:50 pm)

This list is incomplete as many updates were unrecorded and staff development has been increasingly combat-oriented, especially in recent months. Some events, new areas, etc. are also not listed below and multiple updates to the same system were compressed into the most newest entry.


01/10/07 SING updates (to sing in a variety of moods)
01/15/07 Hiding system fixes
01/21/07 effective immediately, Necromancer characters are no longer exempt from the full rules of CONSENT. The policy page at our website reflects this change.

There were were only a few minor updates in February due largely to the training and hiring of new senior staff beginning 1/18/07.
02/26/07 Exxy is out of town until 3/2/07

03/01/07 Exxy is ill, in bed, and on antibiotics until 3/25/07
03/09/07 Several shiny, new, multi-roomed terracotta ranches have been released in Cal'Ziz.
03/17/07 RECIPE updates (recognizes water correctly now)
03/23/07 UNSUMMON updates (no longer requires roundtime)
03/23/07 Crafting system updates (specialization recipes and trainers)
03/23/07 The Forge catalog updates
03/23/07 Armor and defensive skill progression fixes (easier to learn skills now)
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Postby SHAGGGYONE » Apr 6, 2007 (5:39 pm)

03/23/07 Armor and defensive skill progression fixes (easier to learn skills now)

Of course, after I spend hours upon hours in jungs you guys fix it :P
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