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In-Game Updates 11/17 -11/27/2005

In-Game Updates 11/17 -11/27/2005

Postby Leyara » Dec 3, 2005 (1:28 pm)

Echoing the recent in-game news for those of you who are not able to log into the game for any reason.

The additional fixes found in the Updates folder will be added to this list in-game shortly.

11-17-2005 the Enchanting system preview is now live, which currently features one enchantable item: crystal fragments can be created by skilled and/or high-level Wizards with a specific gemstone. See ENCHANT for more details (yes, most classes will ultimately be able to enchant and imbue items with different magic types).

11-20-2005 various typos have been fixed in a dozen emotes. Also, messaging has been changed or added to the following emotes: GRIN <self>, KISS CHEEK <target>, SIGH <self> (four different options), and STRETCH <self>.

11-21-2005 **NEW** WINK <self> and PEER <self> have been fixed.

11-21-2005 **NEW** trying to cast with only one hand will no longer give the message that you have no hands at all to cast with.

11-21-2005 **NEW** failing to backstab an NPC/creature will now correctly remove you from hiding and assign a short roundtime, as originally intended.

11-21-2005 **NEW** the ranger tracking ability now correctly honors roundtimes, stuns, unconsciousness, and other conditions that prohibit action instead of only checking to see if the ranger is alive.

11-21-2005 **NEW** LOOK'ing at animal companions from the new animal companion system will no longer force you out of hiding.

11-21-2005 **NEW** drinking fire water will no longer sometimes give a completely blank line as it often did.

11-25-2005 **NEW** EXHALE messaging no longer exhales with relief (you can use SIGH <self> for that), but instead just exhales slowly.

11-26-2005 **NEW** PULL <target> messaging no longer pulls a target's arm, but instead pulls that target close to you.

11-26-2005 **NEW** IGNORE <target> had a typo fixed (ingore vs ignore) and now allows ignoring objects and creatures/NPCs.

11-26-2005 **NEW** CRINGE has been upgraded to allow cringing at targets (objects, creatures/NPCs, yourself, and other players).

11-27-2005 **NEW** TUG <target> messaging no longer just tugs on a target, but tugs on a target's arm.
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