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Transfering A Character

You may begin a character transfer request by submitting the following form. All fields must be completed and accurate for the request to be honored. Character transfer requests may take 2-4 business days to complete.

Before submitting a character transfer request:

  • Check that your transfering from the correct account. The form will automatically fill in some fields based on which account you're currently logged into.

  • Make sure the destination account is active. Characters will not be transfered to trial accounts, inactive/expired accounts, or accounts that are currently suspended from gameplay.

  • In addition to the destination account status, you can also only transfer a character from an account that is active, has expired, or is a trial account, but not from one that's suspended from gameplay.

  • If your security answer is wrong, the transfer will be rejected and you might not receive a notice why, just that it wasn't approved.

  • All transfers are monitored closely
    to discourage and prevent fraudulent use.

    Time/Date 05-27-2024 19:23:44 EST
    IP address

    Your name
    Your account name
    Game service Eaxia Online
    Character name to transfer
    Your e-mail address
    Your security question
    Your security answer
    Destination account


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