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Okay folks, here's a general how-to when it comes to creating items in the online store.

The first thing you need to do is log into your account, which we all know how to do, so I'll spare the details there. Next we want to click on the store -- it's currently impossible to miss, so I'll spare that as well. *grins*

You'll end up on a screen that looks something like this here:

For the purpose of this tutorial, we're going to go through the process to create an alteration through the store, which is why I have the $5 circled on the above image. Go ahead and click that and it'll take you to the next screen:

And here is the form. I'll be going through it as I fill it out, and explaining as I go along.

The first box we have is the name of your design -- this can be anything you want. However, I would suggest doing one or two words, because you'll actually use what you input here at the end of the process.

As you can see here, I named my design "Eyebrow ring" because, well, that is what I'll be making. After this we pick where it goes:

I've selected "Clothing, Eyebrow" as it is an item that is worn in the eyebrow. While not technically clothing, it is close enough. You must select something from the drop down. You can usually make a safe assumption on where the item is worn - rings would be finger, cloaks would be back or shoulders, hats would be head, and so on so forth. Please note this is only for creation of [b]new items[/b], not modification of items currently in game.

The next section, "Item Name", is very important. This MUST be three words, and it must be done in the format that I've done here:

You have to have an article (a, an, some), a descriptor (in this case, eyebrow), and the noun of the item itself (in this case ring). If you wanted to do some kind of a black robe you could put "a black robe" or "some black robes", or something along those lines, But you must have three words in that format. I cannot stress this enough.

Now we go onto our design phase. The first thing you will put in is your short description, often referred to as a TAP description. This is the description that show in your character's inventory, and when you tap the item.

And just to show that my short description continues on past the length of the box:

Now we go ahead and fill in our full description (also sometimes called a long description, or a LOOK description). This is what you see when you LOOK at the item, and also what other players see when you SHOW them the item.

I did not do a read for my item, however you may do one for yours if you wish.

(If you have any questions about designing alterations, please reference this post here first: [url=]Eaxian Alteration Primer[/url].)

Once you have it filled out, go ahead and click the "Confirm for $5" button*.

And you are done.

From here staff will review your alteration, email you about any changes that need to be made, so on so forth. You can check the status of your alteration at any time by using the STORE command.

As you can see, there are two options. You can use STORE LIST to see what you have pending. Remember where we put "Eyebrow ring" in the very top of the form and I said you'd use it later? This is where it comes in.

You can STORE CLAIM <description> to retrieve a pending purchase from the online store.

Once our alteration has been approved, and is ready to be claimed, it'll look like this:

You can STORE CLAIM <description> to retrieve a pending purchase from the online store.

You will also get an email once your alteration has been approved.

So, since our item is approved, we can go ahead and claim it!

And that is all there is to it! :)

*Please note the price of alterations has changed from when I first made this tutorial. The price reflected on the actual store page is the correct price.

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