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Tunthur nods at you and say, "As the Gods wish it, so shall it be. Welcome to the Paladin Guild Xxxx. From this day forth, thine training and thy life will be dedicated to one purpose, serving and defending thine Deity. Others who have chosen, or have been called by Divine will to this path all serve their God or Goddess unwaveringly."

Tunthur looks sharply at you as he continues, "Xxxx, the Gods have decreed this keep to be neutral ground. No matter which deity thou serve, no conflict with another deitys follower shall be permitted within these hallowed walls."

After pausing to make sure that sunk in Tunthur continues, "Xxxx, I expect thee to uphold the will of thine God or Goddess at all times, as do they. As long as thou does so, thou art welcome in this guild."

With his warning said, he turns and requests that you follow him. He leads you to a quite alcove and there asks you to kneel. Kneeling before him, your head bowed in prayer, he sprinkles water upon your head from a nearby urn and then touches a sword to your shoulders, each in turn.

Tuntor looks down at you and says, "Arise, Xxxx, and be it known from this day forth you are a Paladin. Be sure to make both thy deity and this guild proud."

Tunthur nods and looks you straight in the eyes and says, "Xxxx, the power of the Gods flows through you now. You may, every so often, use this divine gift to heal others. Simply LAY your hands upon the one you seek to heal. Remember that as a mortal, your use of this gift is limited, so use this gift wisely."

Tunthur nods at you and says with a slight smile, "The Gods have shown favor upon ye, Xxxx. Your devotion to them has been rewarded, and they will lend thee aid in defending thyself in battle. Additionally, you are granted the gift of aiding others by sharing this protection with thine comrades. Xxxx, You may only PROTECT one person at first, but as your progress continues, you will be able to aid others in time."

Patting you upon the back, Tunthur proclaims, "Truly, as a leader and a servant of the Divine Ones, a paladin is able to inspire others in battle, Xxxx. When faced with battle, you will now inspire all who follow you, lending your divinely-given aid to help being about a victorious attack!"

Tunthur smiles and says, "Welcome, Xxxx, to the Paladin's Guild of Semanri."

[You are now a Paladin.]
[Your pre-title is now Page.]

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