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Large and brutish looking, with a sloping forehead prominent brow ridge, jutting lower jaw with sickly yellow teeth, and dark brown hair covering their body Ogres look every part the aggressive race they are. They rival Trolls in height, but are far broader of build. Some Ogres are born with what appear to be tusk-like over-sized canines growing from their lower jaws, which only adds to their ferocious look. Both sexes have skin tones ranging from a light sand color to dark brown. Eye coloration is similar to other races.

Standing an average of 8 feet tall, and weighing upwards to 500 pounds, male ogres are an impressive sight. Females average a height of about 7 feet 8 inches tall, and weight around 450 pounds.

Clothing is often simple homespun items, almost mimicking the dress of Humans. Male and female Ogres dress very similarly, though it is still easy for anyone to tell the two sexes apart.

Ogres are well versed in crafts, such as smith work, although no one would mistake their handiwork for that of a Dwarf.

With the coming of the Sundering, more Ogres have moved into populated areas, and have integrated themselves well into the larger society. While scary looking to many non-Ogres, most of these Ogres go out of their way to play down their brutish past

Names are somewhat complicated. Ogres tend to have names that can easily be shortened, such as "Venoplasus", which would likely become simply "Ven". Female names work the same, but usually end in either an "aa" or an "ii".

Ogres tend not to use family names, but rather honorific titles, often in their language, "Ogrek". A use of an appostraphe between these last names indicate that the honorific title might be multiple titles in reality. Venoplasus Ter'ner'grenek would be translated as Venoplasus the mighty and bold warrior.

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