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Overall Map of Liegendir

Main Cities
City of Semanri
City of Cal'Ziz
City of D'Mare Fin

New Areas
Map of Telin by Keiran
Map of the Portal

Pirate's Dungeon
Istiilian Island
Mantaya Island Beach
Mantaya Island Jungle
Cricton Hive

Road to Cal'Ziz
Plains of the Martyr
Willow Field
BoneBleeder Swamp
Cave to Cal'Ziz
Crystal Caverns
Crystal Caves
Ogre Mages
Mine Shaft
Desert South of Cal'Ziz
Tartaruchian Maze
Desert West of Cal'Ziz
Desert Path to Temple
Ruined Temple

Selkan Trade Road
Sal va'Taer Forest
Road to Tes'kata Village
Road to D'Mare Fin
Mount Lexunaze

Southern Roads
Soul Stealer Swamp
Troll City of V'Rung
Southern Trade Route

Maps were made by Leyara Neirlan'i at The Sacred Grove

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