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Humans are the most varied and adaptable of all the races. As such, they have no single racial feature that quantifies them. Their skin, hair, and eyes are of almost any shade, and they vary in height and weight greatly from one human to another. Humans generally average just below 6 feet in height for males, and about 5 = feet for females, but cases have been noted of humans being as short as 4 feet tall and as large as 7 feet tall, but these are rare examples

Otherwise, how they dress, wear their hair, and what jewelry they wear is more of a personal taste and/or cultural influence than anything racial.

Humans wear just about any type of clothing they wish to. Some, especially those living in densely populated areas, tend to dress similarly, but they rarely let anything but personal choice dictate their dress code.

Humans, due to their adaptability, often employ a wide range of items, as needed to get the task done. As a whole, they are curious, and often adopt items from other races if they see that they work best at doing the task at hand. Truly, Humans are the epitome of versatility.

Human societies run the full gamut of the political spectrum. The only real thing that can be said about humans in general is that they are social creatures by nature, with few being loners. As a result of their great variety, humans tend not to have any single mannerism or personality trait, save their often hurried pace. This is due to being one of the shortest-lived races, which profoundly impacts their thinking and actions.

Humans are credited with the creation of the Common Tongue, or at least they claim that to be the case. Most humans show an aptitude for language, and are able to learn them much more rapidly than most of the other races.

Once again, because of the great variety that is exhibited in the Human race, there is no hard and fast rule about names. Humans generally have a first name given at birth, and depending upon the societal norm of their place of birth, a surname that is either paternal or maternal in origin.

Ability Score Adjustments

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Racial Traits

No special racial traits.

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