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What is a room? A room in Eaxia is what the game provides to give a description of where you currently are. It can be inside, outside, in a building, a cave, a street, etc etc.

Think of writing a room like painting a picture. What all do you want to include in that imagery? What to people see in the immediate area?

Are they in a living room, with a very plush sofa and a glass coffee table? What do the walls look like? Are there any paintings or windows? What about exits in the room, such as doorways? Is the room being written for a cave? Are there stalagmites? Are there pebbles on the floor, or anything else that might make for rough terrain? Is it for a grassy field? If so, are there flowers? Weeds? A smattering of trees? Think about all of the things the person might be able to see, and then decide what you want to include in your room's description.

Rooms must include a title. Titles are written as such:
Semanri, South Town Square or [Semanri, South Town Square]

The game will automatically include the brackets around the room's title, so if you're submitting a description, you don't have to include them if you don't want to. The first part of a room's title is the base area, in this case, it was Semanri. The second part is a more specific area - South Town Square. This tells the player where they are in the game. Room titles are limited to 60 characters.

The second part of writing the room is the description itself:
Set beneath the protective cover and shade of a silk awning, the South Town Square doubles as the courtyard of a hulking conglomeration of buildings and businesses huddled into a single entity at the south side of the street. Lining the building's facade are entrances to the shops, the largest belonging to the Bank of Semanri in the form of a silvered arch, next to which the doorway of Bartle's Armor stands open.

The picture painted here is of the south part of the main square in Semanri. We can see from the description that it is a court-yard type area, with a few businesses huddled around it. The bank is also here, as well as an armor shop. These are the types of things you will want to include with your descriptions.

Player homes include 5 furniture items. These are limited to TAPS only. These furniture items can be written into your room description itself, or be stand alone (where they show up in the "You also see:" line). If you are writing rooms for a hunting area or a merchant, you can also include such items. They can be benches or other seats, more description for a building, tree, or other item in the room, etc.

Have fun!

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