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Halflings are small sized, males averaging between 70 and 150 pounds and 3' to 4'9" on average. Females are only slightly lighter at 60 to 140 pounds and slightly smaller at 3' to 4'0" in height. Age is revered and respected, with Halflings living well into their 90's and sometimes a bit beyond

Their faces tend to be rosy to ruddy, as they have a fondness for outdoor activities like gardening, and are round with large eyes that twinkle in merriment. Their hair is curly to wavy ranging the full spectrum of colors, and covers both the head and the tops of their feet, a trait that they are quite proud of. Halflings have hard leathery soles and rarely wear shoes of any sort. Both sexes are fond of braiding or otherwise adorning their foot hair.

Besides vegetables and flowers, Halflings are the main providers of cotton, briarwood and a weed they call Tabacc, which is dried and smoked in either long clay pipes or ones carved from briarwood burls.

For work, they tend to wear muted earthy colors, but when at play (a big part of a Halfling's life), they love colorful clothing. Indeed, the more color one can get into an outfit the better, but each item of clothing is generally a solid color.

Halflings are also very fond of Gnomish and Dwarvish inventions, and will often be seen with a Gnomish timepiece on a chain. Due to their fondness of staring at these marvels, the timepieces have been given the nickname of watches.

Halflings, who refer to themselves as the Telari, are known throughout the lands as a jovial, fun loving race, more intent on fun and the pursuit of happiness than the threat of politics and war. Although fond of the good life, Halflings can and do join all manner of classes and professions

Halflings have a natural talent for language. Common is the most often spoken language, but they also have their own language, which they call Telarin. It is a somewhat lyrical language, like Elvish, but borrows heavily from Common, with a smattering of Dwarvish and Gnomish influence as well.

Halflings often have either short first names, or names that can be shortened or made into nicknames. Males often have names ending in vowels, while females are often named after items found in nature, especially flowers and other beautiful objects, like gems.

Familiar names have been passed down many generations, and often come from things in nature, particularly trees, bushes or prominent geological aspects of the sites where the family originated. Tanglebriar, Gooseberry, Greenhollow are few examples.

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