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Ogres and Humans will, at times, marry and raise a family. The Half-ogres that are born of these unions combine the best qualities of both races, and are usually well received by most other races. Appearances, as with most Half-Human hybrids vary by individual regarding how much that individual resembles either parent.

Half-Ogres, like their Ogre parent, are the embodiment of strength, though to a lesser degree than their full-blooded relations. Most stand well over 6 feet in height, and can weigh upwards to 300 pounds. Males and females are easily told apart.

They generally dress similarly to their Human relatives, and have similar mannerisms. They usually learn both Common and at least a smattering of Ogrek, the Ogre tongue.

Names are usually a mixture of Human and Ogre ones, to reflect the dual heritage of the Half-Ogre. Like many Eaxians, they are free to choose a public name for themselves.

Half-Ogres usually have little difficulty in establishing themselves in society, using both brains and brawn to carve out a niche for themselves as warriors, and protectors, although they can be found among all the guilds and all walks of life.

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