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Like their Elven relatives, Half-Elves are considered to be quite attractive. They stand about the same height as a human, but are much more lithe and weigh between 130 and 150 pounds. More often than not, they share similar eye and ear features with Elves, although they are not as pronounced. Their hair, complexion and eye color tend to run the full spectrum.

Thanks to their mixed heritage, they are more adaptable than most Elves. They can be found in many different walks of life. While some Elves view these "half-breeds" with distaste, they are the minority. Half-Elves can be found living among both Human and Elven populations.

The Half-Elf enjoys a strong bond with Nature, like their Elven brethren, and often migrates to professions that keep them in contact with the wilds.

They are proficient in both Elven and Common, as a rule. They tend to use names similar to the Elves, but are known to mix both Human and Elven sounding names as they see fit upon reaching maturity. Most Half-Elves live up to 450 years on average.

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