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Drago appear as humanoid wolves or dogs, sporting a fur covered body, muzzle, tail and canine-like ears. While most resemble wolves quite a few resemble other canine breeds. One famous Pack even resembles humanoid Pugs.

Depending upon the climate they hail from, Drago can be either long or shorthaired when it comes to their fur. Male Drago average around 5 = feet tall, and 140 pounds, while females average 5 feet 2 inches tall and typically weigh around 100-120 pounds. As Drago age, the fur around their muzzle usually lightens, getting to be white at around age 60. They can live to become up to 90 years of age.

Most males, except in the coldest of weather, opt not to wear any type of shirt. For modesty's sake, females wear tops, and both wear pants. These items of clothing, along with their moccasins (they prefer them to boots) are normally made of buckskin.

Most tools and weapons that the Drago use are made from the natural world around them. Knives and daggers are commonly razor-sharp flint blades set in antler handles. Wooden staves, bows, spears and other weapons are also favored.

While Drago are equally at home in the wilds or in cities, they prefer places close to areas of natural beauty and good hunting. Their society, regardless of where they live, is based on a Pack mentality, with a rigidly defined hierarchy.

Drago are born either Dominant or Submissive. Dominants lead, while Submissives follow. Since it is a trait they are born with, it is not uncommon for members of the same family to include both.

Only the Rurowli rival the Drago for sense of smell, and while the Rurowli match them for hearing, only Elves exceed them in that sense. Unlike wolves and dogs, Drago are not colorblind. Indeed, they have very good eyesight.

Normally, Drago only use one name, followed by "of the such-n-such Pack." However, living among the other races, especially humans, they often adopt two names. Most Drago use the name their parents gave them as a Pack name, only using it with other Pack members. Their "public" name is often a name they choose when they come of age at 15 years old. They are free to choose any name they wish, and often chose ones that sound pleasing to them.

Ability Score Adjustments

+1  -1 

Racial Traits

       The Drago are exceptionally in-tune to the lands and to nature,
       learning from all it has to offer and sharpening the mind of
       all Drago.  From this, Drago gain a small bonus to all experience
       they earn and are slightly more resistant to psychic attacks as
       well as being more resistant to poisons, toxins, extreme
       temperatures, etc.
       A proud race, Drago tend to diversify their combat tactics by
       refusing to learn much from styles that other races have
       developed.  Their stubborn-born ignorance costs them in battle
       by slightly reducing their ability to defend from and attack an
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