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Clarrine Leonne

Title: False Queen
Birthday: Vanerin 9th
Residence: Keep of Leonne, D'Mare Fin
Occupation: Noblewoman
Spouse: Urael Leonne
Children: Jaenyl?
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Brown
Skin Tone: Fair
Race: Human
Cause of Death: Magical Explosion

She was once content with her life as wife to the King's advisor. Her marriage was arranged, as was the custom for nobility, but she managed to find peace with her situation. Her husband, Urael was a good man, although many years older than she.

Years passed. Something shifted in the couple's personality. Somehow, their comfortable surroundings weren't comfortable enough. Their influence wasn't vast enough. Their love wasn't passionate enough. Perhaps Clarrine felt trapped in her marriage, without any power to do as she liked. She felt immense pressure from her family, and husband, to have a child: yet there was none. Her life was becoming more oppressive by the minute; the more she tried to rebel, the more restrictions were placed upon her.

Urael was always a man who wanted more than he could have, and soon enough, he was reaching for the crown. Subtly, Clarrine encouraged this behavior, all the while making connections and alliances behind her back. Oh yes, her husband would be king. But she would do thing her way. She studied history, magic, philosophy, war theory, anything she could get her hands on. It is widely speculated that the spell cast upon the lands to make them forget about the Pireni Family was a product of her research and magical creativity.

But power couldn't bring her happiness. As Queen, she became ruthless and unsympathetic to the needs and wants of others. She refused to do anyone's will but her own, either out of pride or spite. Shortly after their ascent to the throne, Queen Clarrine became pregnant with her first and only child. Princess Jaenyl? was the only one who could extert any control over her mother, albeit unknowingly. King Urael had long ceased to hold any true power within the government. He was as trapped as his wife had once been.

As quickly as they rose to power, the pair fell. Clarrine would later be remembered not as a scholar, not as an innovative magical creator, but a ' rather nasty piece of work'.

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