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Avians rival the Elves for being among the most beautiful races. Like the elves, they have a lithe grace and beauty and no rival when it comes to movement or flight. They form strong social bonds and often live far removed from others. They are well known for their just rules and their love of freedom, which is something each Avian embodies.

Wings are by far the Avians most unique feature, although their eyes rank a quick second. Their wings are strong and pointed making them able to be acrobatic fliers. Their eyes, which generally are piercing, are large and more eagle-like than parrot-like. Avian tend to have delicate hands and feet, reminiscent of elves. In all, Avians resemble Elves, but with wings (they do not have beaks; feathers are usually only found on their wings).

Avian are about the same size as the Rurowli, although with their wings and powerful flight muscles they tend to weigh slightly more. They range from 4'5" to 5'8" in height and both sexes are usually between 75 to 125 pounds. Avians have lower-than-average stamina scores because their bones are somewhat hollow, allowing easier movement for flight. Because of this, they are frail and light, much lighter than an Elf.

Avians are perhaps the most bigoted of races, feeling they are the protectors of the world. They can be extremely haughty and narrow-minded when it comes to what they call the "lesser" races. They are worse than Elves are when it comes to feeling superior due to their beliefs that the gods have given them the gift of flight over all of the other races of the world

Avian do not often speak their native language among others, and learn languages including common quite easily and at a very early age. Their own language to outsiders sounds like a practically indecipherable series of chirps and warbles, with varying degrees of inflection.

Avian are given short, one or at the most two syllable, easy to pronounce first names, which are commonly used among other kinds. Among their own kind Kree of Stormdancer is the way they prefer to word their own names.

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