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Enchanting: StrengthImbues

Combination to increase strength and stamina
(+4 strength, +2 stamina, +5 attack rating)

abalone bloodtoken: +3 strength
egg bloodtoken: +1 strength +2 stamina
bark bloodtoken: +5 attack rating

Combination to increase strength and agility
(+4 strength, +3 agility, +2 coordination)

abalone bloodtoken: +3 strength
wood bloodtoken: +1 strength +2 agility
turquoise charm: +1 agility +2 Coordination
In place of the turquoise charm you might use a bark bloodtoken (+5 attack rating)

Combination to increase strength, attack rating, and health (An alternative approach to combat enchantments)

abalone bloodtoken: +3 strength
bark bloodtoken: +5 attack rating
bloodstone fetish: +health -mana
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