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Listing all of your traits and abilities:

    Traitless [absence of racial trait]
       Your race (Human) does not have any racial traits.
    Diagnose [automatic]
       Allows you to see all injuries you and other people have
       sustained by LOOKing at them, including insignificant damage,
       poisons, disease, etc.
    Compassion [automatic]
       You gain a small class skill bonus to Heal, Concentration, and
       Spellcraft, allowing you to better heal other people.
    Botony [automatic]
       Further studies of nature has helped you learn how better to
       create potions and prepare medical herbs.  You gain a reasonable
       bonus to Wilderness Lore and a small bonus to Alchemy and Heal.
    Awareness [automatic]
       The need for self-protection gives you an advantage over being
       surprised or caught unaware.  You gain a strong bonus to Spot,
       Search, and Listen.
    Physiology [automatic]
       Advanced studies of life has enabled you to heal it far better
       than ever before.  You gain a strong bonus to Heal and a reasonable
       bonus to Alchemy.


Listing all of your traits and abilities:

    Traitless [absence of racial trait]
       Your race (Human) does not have any racial traits.
    Simple Weapon (all simple weapons) [automatic]
       No attack rating penalty when using any simple weapon.
    Advanced Drain Dead [selective, DRAIN command]
       Every ten minutes, you can drain death energy from a corpse to
       heal yourself.


Listing all of your traits and abilities:

    Eye Of The Appraiser [racial trait]
       Gnomes are a city folk and generally persue unique relics and
       treasures or anything they have not yet experienced before.
       This tendancy gives them a better eye for the value of items
       as well as a mischievous attitude towards acquiring them,
       often giving the Gnome a better opporunity to hide, move
       silently, and pick pockets.
    Mesmerized [racial trait]
       Too curious for their own good, Gnomes are in a constant and
       perpetual state of amusement over everything they do and it
       generally takes the Gnome a little longer to cast spells and
       attack in result.
    Size Restriction [racial trait]
       Due to their small size, Gnomes can not wear any Heavy armor.



Listing all of your traits and abilities:

    Mystic Aura [racial trait]
       Coming from a long line of scholars, historians, and wizards, Elves
       tend to be more in touch with The Flow and can more easily draw upon
       its powers, giving you a larger pool of mana and strong inclinations
       towards using magical devices.
    Paranoia [racial trait]
       Elves have come to wear a bitter dislike for other races and their
       physical training tends to suffer some as a result, leaving them
       slightly more frail than  most races.  They also have a great fear
       for the undead and the perversion of the nature that they represent
       and are thus more susceptible to damage caused by unholy magic.
        Type SPELLS for more details.
    Wildlife Knowledge
        You gain a strong bonus to Wilderness Lore and moderate bonus
        Alchemy from your extensive knowledge of the wilds.
        Type SHAPESHIFT for more details.


Listing all of your traits and abilities:

    Swift [racial trait]
       Graceful and agile, Rurowli have a developed combat style that
       goes unrivaled in unarmed combat and are able to attack faster
       than any other race.  This trait extends to their accuracy and
       relexes too, so long as the Rurowli is not wearing any restrictive
       armor (light armor is not restrictive).  Even when wearing
       Medium and Heavy armors, Rurowli gain a fraction of their inate
    Exposed [racial trait]
       Rurowli are generally uncomfortable in their armor, should they
       be wearing any, and have a constant feeling of being vulnerable
       to attacks.  Should the Rurowli not be wearing armor, then the
       fear is realized all the same, though at least he/she can 
       spring out of danger easier.  This overwhelming suspicion
       causes the Rurowli to suffer slightly greater damage in combat
       and be slightly less resistant to extreme temperatures, poisons,
       toxins, etc.
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