Standard Quality
Control Rules

Descriptions may not contain language or meanings that are vulgar, crude, offensive, or in any way violates our standard player agreement policy.

Descriptions may not use foreign words that are not acceptable parts of the English language. Additionally, descriptions may not use words that are made-up and that does not exist in Eaxia (example: a mghanasho longsword).

Descriptions may reference mythical creatures only if those creatures exist, existed, or rumored to have existed in Eaxia. We do not have dinosaurs, for instance, so they may not be embossed on plate armor. You can, however, describe their likeness as long as they are not referenced by their real-world terms (for example, you can have: a suit of field armor embossed with a large dragon standing upright).

Descriptions may never include abbreviated or slang words unless they appear in quoted descriptions. For example, it is okay to have: a silver button that reads "Help, I'm stuck. -Dr. K.T."

Descriptions may not depict themself in an untrue or unrealistic manner. A sword cannot glow if it has no magic about it. Pendants do not pulse by themselves, nor hum either. Descriptions cannot show these kinds of actions unless the custom character descriptions, objects, or rooms they refer to actually DO have these properties.

Descriptions may not impose artificial or forced behavior and emotion from other players. A design on a cloak may not "instill fear in all those around you". A teddy bear can't make other people looking at it smile. These kinds of descriptions are subjective and force a player to role-play in a specific way that they may not want to.

Descriptions of rooms may not presume or be designed in a way that expects the player reading the description to be performing a specific action or facing a certain direction. Room descriptions cannot contain phrases such as "to your left", "as you enter this", or "you smile as you glance over at".

Descriptions may never reference other players without that player's expressed, written permission. Additionally, descriptions may never reference staff characters (at all).

Descriptions may not be lewd or sexually-suggestive. We will not make form-fitting or tight-fitting outfits or allow you to demonstrate your voluptuous curves in a custom character description.