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Handfasting and Weddings

    Handfasting is the tradition of "engagement" for a-year-and-a-day. It is a promise and a joining together that displays a couple's decision to live their lives together in a committed relationship. At the end of the year-and-a-day handfasting (approximately 90 days IRL), a couple decides if they wish to be wed. Couples will be eligible for several different wedding packages at the end of their handfasting. (Under certain circumstances, senior staff may allow a couple to forgo the handfasting requirement for GM-assisted weddings).

    Handfasting couples will be provided with verbed rings designed by the couple (look, tap, and read), the ability to locate each other through the rings, and special verbs for interactions between the handfasted couple. These couples will also be qualified for a GM-assisted wedding package.

    Couples will be responsible for handfasting ceremonies. They may enlist the aid of clerics and choose sites for themselves. Certain areas have been set-aside for these romantic purposes and include food and drink in reception-like areas. Couples may also order additional items (clothing, ceremonial props, etc.) under the regular fundraiser guidelines. The cost of handfasting is $10.00. Handfasting is not a requirement for all wedding packages.

    Ring verbs:
    • Handfasting and Marriage: RUB   TAP   KISS   SMOOCH   TURN   LOCATE

    Sweetheart Verbs:
    • Handfast: KISS   SMOOCH   HUG   POKE   NUDGE   FLIRT

    • Marriage: (all of the "Handfast" verbs)   PUSH   PULL   COMFORT   DANCE   TEASE   SNUGGLE   NAG   BITE   CUDDLE   PAT   SNAP   JOIN

    Requirements to order a handfasting ceremony:
    • Party #1 [first name] [last name] [race] [guild]

    • Party #2 [first name] [last name] [race] [guild]

    • Ring #1 [short/TAP description] (maximum of 115 characters), [full/LOOK description] (maximum of 315 characters), and [READ description] (maximum of 395 characters)

    • Ring #2 [short/TAP description] (maximum of 115 characters), [full/LOOK description] (maximum of 315 characters), and [READ description] (maximum of 395 characters)

    • Information about wedding packages will be forthcoming. For custom/interim wedding information, please contact our Events/Role-Playing Department at: handfasting feedback.

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