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Races, Trolls


Born of chaos, the wily and cunning Trolls are a sight to behold. With warty, scaly skin that can range in color from green to brown to even the occasional muddy orange coloration, they tend to blend in well to their natural habitat. Their hair, while it can grow to any length, is most often unkempt at best, and full of mud, twigs, and pieces of their last meal.

They easily reach a height of 8 feet, but due to a stooped or hunched over appearance, they donít always appear to be that large. They are bipedal, but walk with a slightly loping gait, as if walking upright were not their true form of locomotion. They can weigh as much as 600 pounds. Much of this weight is dense muscle, and leaves them at a disadvantage in water, in that they have great difficulty staying afloat.

Their heads jut out to form a distinguished chin and a distinctly sloping forehead. Due to the toughness of their hide a troll needs little in the way of armor to protect it from harm. Their eyes, which are beady, see keenly in the dark and their sense of hearing and smell rival the Rurowli and Drago. Trolls are also believed to be the heartiest of the races, healing wounds with uncommon ease.

Trolls are by nature more savage than most other races. Since the Sundering, many have come to react in a more civilized manner than in the past, but they still retain part of that savageness. Few trolls participate in society, even when they live in villages, towns or cities.

Rarely do they marry, or even hold onto a mate. In the past, during their more barbaric stage of existence, it was a common practice in lean times for some trolls to practice cannibalism. This is likely why female trolls evolved to be larger than males, so as to protect the young.

Most trolls, whether living amongst other races, or alone in the wilderness, practice a form of nature worship, mostly centered upon the wildness of nature, such as storms and the like. Trolls are highly superstitious, and view any natural event as omens

Most trolls have guttural names that are either monosyllabic or of no more than two syllables. Many of the names sound like grunting noises to non-trolls. Often, they take the form of words that sound odd, seemingly to have too many consonants and too few vowels. Examples are: Gruxx, Tragarr, Grach, and Kurrk. No distinction is made between male or female in name giving.

Ability Score Adjustments
Strength Agility Stamina Intelligence Wisdom Coordination
+2   +3 -2 -1 -3

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