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Races, Minotaurs


Minotaurs are the most misunderstood of all the races. Few can see past their gruff exterior and reputation for hotheaded tempers. While it is true, most Minotaurs do have an easily riled-up nature, similar to the bulls they partially resemble, they live by a code of honor that rivals that of the Avians.

Resembling a cross between a large humanoid and a bull, the Minotaurs are covered in fur, are bipedal, have two strong arms and the head and horns of a bull. Both males and females have horns, though the females' are somewhat smaller than the males. Both stand well over six and a half feet tall, and weigh up to 350 pounds.

Most Minotaurs dress conservatively, in the style that is most common to the area in which they live. They enjoy good tales, as well as song. Both males and females have deep rich baritone voices, and often surprise other races with their singing ability.

Much of the time the Minotaurs live peacefully, but any slight against them or a loved one is likely to bring about a violent attack. Unfortunately, their version of a slight differs from what most others perceive as a slight. Anything that even remotely questions their honor, be it as small as trespassing or failing to properly apologize after bumping one, can cause this reaction. Since the Sundering, however, many Minotaurs have learned to quell this reaction, but since it is easily observed that they are doing so, the stereotype has remained.

They have their own language, which sounds to most other races as a guttural mixture of normal language and cattle calls. Luckily, they are easily able to speak Common.

Names are given at birth, and usually involve a strong sounding first name and a paternal name with 'taur added to it, signifying that the child is part of the Minotaur race. Adolescents are free to change their names as it suits them, so long as no dishonor is brought upon the family or the race.

Ability Score Adjustments
Strength Agility Stamina Intelligence Wisdom Coordination
+2   +1 +1 -3  

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