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Races, Goblins


Small in stature, Goblins are roughly Halfling sized and weigh a mere 60 pounds or so. To call a Goblin homely is to be kind. Their skin ranges from a blue-green to a dark green, and they sport tufts of coarse hair that sprouts from random body parts. Their lumpy skin, sharp pointed teeth, and shrewd eyes make then look much more fierce than they really are.

For most other races, it is nearly impossible to tell a male Goblin apart from a female one, so similar are they in stature and physique. Most Goblins wear tattered hand-me-downs and scavenged clothing discarded by other races. The scruffy, ragged clothing and filth-covered bodies also help to mask any differences between the sexes

Goblins, however, use their positions at the bottom of society's ladder to the best advantage. They often move about overlooked, and scavenge many items others have discarded (and some that the owners didn't yet get around to discarding). Goblins often make their newly acquired treasures into odd jewelry, worn with pride. It appears to be some sort of status symbol amongst the Goblins to have the most "jewelry", thereby attesting to their "wealth".

Common Goblin names include Gartuk, Kokat, and Chakon. Familial names are of little use, so most use a name declaring which tribe the Goblin is from. Tribal names usually represent some attribute that tribe wishes to possess, such as Bonecrusher, Bloodtaker, and Limbripper.

Ability Score Adjustments
Strength Agility Stamina Intelligence Wisdom Coordination
-2 +2 +2 +1 -1 -1

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