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Races, Elves


Elves are considered by many to be the most comely of all races, possessing lithe grace and beauty. They possess a fragile elegance and a reserved nature.

Elves are not ones to show deep emotions easily, however, among their kind or trusted others, they can be charming, witty and loyal companions. Known for their love of beauty and Nature, Elves often surround themselves with it, wearing beautiful silken clothing, tasteful jewelry and having lovely homes.

An Elves' eyes and ears are by far their most unique feature. Ears tend to be small and pointed, set close to the head; while eyes are almond shaped and slanted, with thin yet very expressive brows. Elven eyes, which are most often blue, green or gold, sparkle with a gem-like quality and are said to be the mark of magic running through the veins.

Their hair, which is usually pale, is worn most often long and loose or braided intricately, or tastefully adorned with feathers or beads. Elves tend to be fair skinned, almost pale, adding to their mysterious beauty. Male elves do not have facial hair, and neither sex has body hair.

Elves are slightly taller than humans ranging from 6 feet to 6 feet 9 inches tall in height and both sexes are usually between 120 to 155 pounds. Elves have an average lifespan of 700+ years, with a few individuals reportedly living as long as 1000 years.

Elves are perhaps the most elitist of races, having well formed, and slightly too profound opinions of the other races. Most are not cruel or even verbalize this easily. They just KNOW they are best.

They have their own very lyrical language, and speak Common as well. Elves tend to have 2 names, one for use among their own kind and one they publicly use. Their public names tend to have something to do with nature, particularly forests.

Ability Score Adjustments
Strength Agility Stamina Intelligence Wisdom Coordination
-2 +2 -3 +1 +2 +1

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