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Races, Dwarves


Short, stocky, stubborn, and strong are the adjectives that best describe the Dwarves. Averaging a mere 5 feet in height, they can weigh in excess of 250 pounds; that goes for both males and females.

Contrary to popular myth, only male Dwarves sport beards. At one time, Dwarven society was very patriarchal, bordering on misogynistic. Many female Dwarves would wear realistic, fake beards and dress as males in order to prove themselves. This practice died out shortly after the Sundering, as all able-bodied Dwarves were needed to help survive the increasingly chaotic world.

Dwarves have a fondness for wealth, drink, hard work, and holding grudges in that order. They excel at mining, smith work, and crafting metallic objects, as well as brewing. An angry, drunken Dwarf is a scary sight indeed.

Most Dwarves have pale to ruddy complexions, due to spending most of their time underground. Some have also taken to living in the highlands of the mountains, and tend to be a bit darker of complexion. Hair and eye color varies greatly.

Dwarves are fond of rugged sounding names, and often use either Clan names, or names of forefathers as surnames. Bain son of Gorin and Thror Steelfist (of the Steelfist Clan) are examples.

Dwarves have their own language and speak Common as well. They use a Runic alphabet that is easily carved into stone or metal. Permanency is a high priority to the Dwarves, who can live up to 500 years; and whose work lasts many times that.

Ability Score Adjustments
Strength Agility Stamina Intelligence Wisdom Coordination
+1 -1 +3 -1   -2

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