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Server Issues

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Server Issues

Postby STARAN99 » Nov 15, 2011 (7:04 am)

Just curious what's going on with the server being down alot lately? It seems like when it goes down, it's out for a day or so now. I've been trying to get a few new players to join up, but as luck would have it, every time they get around to trying to join, the server is down. Anyways, not really a complaint, more just wondering what's going on, and looking forward to getting back in to play again. Thanks.
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Re: Server Issues

Postby GDAUTUMN » Nov 15, 2011 (9:03 pm)

I apologize, we have a couple of different things that crash the game. One of the most common is an older player logging in who hasn't logged in for a period of time.

Eaxia stores all character data in a cached file. When you log into the game it tries to load this file, and sometimes old characters will have a mucked up cache file, so it causes the game to spaz out and die. It's an easy correction on our end though -- we just find that file and have the game rebuild it the next time that player logs in.

That's the best that I can explain it, anyway.

If the game is down the best thing to do is email us via the feedback forum. As soon as we get the email, we can bring the game back online. Though, chances are if the game goes down in the middle of the night, we'll be sleeping and wont be able to get it back up until the morning.

Again, I apologize for the inconvenience, but I'd rather be honest with you guys than feed you some "stuff happens" kind of junk.

I'll try to monitor the status of the game more than what I have been, so hopefully if it goes down we can get it back up for you guys in a timely manner.
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