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Potions without using vials

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Potions without using vials

Postby ROB19700 » Mar 24, 2006 (9:09 pm)

I just made some potions for the first time in like 2 years(I guess since the rewrite ) . Don't even have to have a vial no more, just crush up some sap and add water and , magically its in a container? I know it made it easy, but a little unrealistic. Or maybe just me!
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Postby GROVENBURGER » Mar 25, 2006 (5:17 pm)

The only problem there would be if we still used the vials would be telling those old potions apart from the new ones, and the strength of the old potions is a ton higher - so if you still have some keep em for an emergency. You will definately notice the differance since the old ones were much stronger than they were ment to be. Other than needing a way to tell em apart though I kinda agree too that it would be much more realistic. I just assume the container is assumed. Maybe a slight change in any new vials we carve would change so that the wood used would be added to it, like "An oak vial" or something. Then we could still use em and be able to see the old ones since those vials still have no description of them , but then again would have to change the alchemy to use them again so that'd make more work for the gm's. I'd like to see it but expect any change would have to be put off a bit outside of fixing the vial wood types (I don't think that'd be too hard to fix, Exxy would have to comment on that).
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