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Shapeshifting Bugs

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Shapeshifting Bugs

Postby SLIVACKI » Jan 21, 2006 (12:35 pm)

I found two problems with shapeshifting... Frist one is if if you are engaged and attacking one monster and another walks in and engages you once it closes on you start to attack that one and it then takes for ever to kill one if you get swarmed...

and second one is with weapons out you still get bonus and able to attack while in form with weapons out and I find that really wrong sence some of use really work hard at unarmed skill to do shapeshifting...

with out weapons out
To-hit rating: Melee (R:62 L:73)
with weapons out and in shapeshifting
To-hit rating: Melee (R:77 L:88)

when you claw while in shapeshifting it looks like this instead of what it normally looks like when in shapeshifting

You jab your ebony mace at the warrior and land a good strike.
[You feel very healthy, are completely rested, in an excellent position, and are excellently balanced.]
[The warrior looks to be near death.]
[Roundtime: 4 seconds]
Smile can't be that bad!
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