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state of the game

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state of the game

Postby JHERRICO » Oct 20, 2005 (5:52 pm)

hi im a new player as of today oct 20, 2005. i recently came over from dragonrealms ive been playing on and off since it was on aol in the early 90s i belive. i know this is not dragonrealms or any other simu game nor do i expect it to be, but i can see quite a resemblence to dragonrealms and i was just wondering if sombody has a history on how Eaxia got started, not a history of the world but a history of the game itself, who are the creators and why is there such a similarity between Eaxia and dragonrealms. dont get me wrong i like the similarity, it makes the migration eaiser since quite a few of the commands are the same, i was just curious about it. also ive seen on these boards various updates on what is being rewriten and what the state of various classe and races are, and i was wondering if there is a current state of the game posted anywhere, like what classes still need to be rewritten and which ones are done, mabye a spell list showing which ones are live and which ones are planned or how far along they are to being done. i like seeing that the game creators have been posting on this board it shows that they take an active intrest in thier creation and i think i would like to hang around here and mabye make this my new home.

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Postby KHODGES » Oct 21, 2005 (5:34 pm)

As a player, I welcome you to the land of Eaxia and hope you can stay with us for however long you can.

The future holds many things for EO, including a new combat system and rewrites for the various evolved classes, as well as the release of new classes. More information on these can be found in the Game Library on the main site. For information on the combat system rewrite, see the Announcements folder here at the forums or these two posts here and here.

Yes, EO's creators and other staff take a keen interest in the world they have created. This is probably why I enjoy the place so much, and have always returned after my various forced leaves of absence.

For other general information, there are a few players' sites that might be of interest.

The Sacred Grove - Maps, class info, shopping catalog, racial info and more
Astrid's Treehouse - EO Bestiary, skill information, Whos Who and more

The staff post updates as they happen both here on the boards and in the in game news. Just keep an eye out, and remember, "Good things come to those who wait."

Also, you can propose game ideas here in the forums, or by using the SUGGESTION command in game.

Hope you enjoy your stay in Eaxia Online.
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Postby SURINEN » Oct 21, 2005 (6:14 pm)

I'd also like to extend my welcome to you to the land of Eaxia, Jherrico.
To my knowlege, the creation of Haelrahv and Eaxia was created by an individual who was involved with DR prior to their creation. There was another GM besides Astracon, Carlyle and this beautiful lady whom I can't recall her name... :oops: ; I learned that from reading back into the posts. Exxy Moonfortune is the name of the creationist of both worlds. He is always constant and active in Eaxia from what I can perceive and a warm and friendly person to meet. He had a bad bout this year with infection, but was healed and returned to continue to work on Eaxia.
Not to go into a comparison of the two RPG games DR and Eaxia, I'd like to mention only one case that by far Eaxia provides a "freer" realm to players in that the choice to be, and by action not just by name, an evil character and provides full support to the character development and creation of the evil character. And as I've pointed out this rarity, I must also point out that what keeps the balance of RP in the game are the characters themselves because though Eaxia supports evil character development by RP props and history, it does not provide classes on being evil to gain and/or strengthen RP skills. The best -would be- teachers for evil RP that I know about or have met I have to say are either Scrok and Mattie, both of whom are pretty scary. :wink:
If you look in the library and under all the sections like in Skills, you should notice notes saying whether or not the ability or feature is available, and on some occasions, when it can be expected for release. Also in this years news (upon game entry) there are notices to which releases and such have been made available.
I noticed that you're heading down the teaching paths of the fighters with Jherrico and I congradulate you on your decision. They are a fierce guild with much of experience to teach. I offer my blessings to you in your new venture, that Pelloni may bless your endevors with all the strength and vigor of a young fawn in a new spring.

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Postby GDEXXY » Oct 22, 2005 (10:58 am)

Well I certainly appreciate the kudos and support of our games! Let me clear up some confusion and inaccuracies in the posts above though and start from scratch...

I am Exxy Moonfortune / Peter Souza IV. I founded and created Eaxia Online but am not responsible for Haelrahv. Another person, Trevor Rage / Rich Mondy began that great service and has a different story from mine.

I was working in Denver, CO at the time back in late 1999 and was an avid player of DragonRealms. I had some, but little experience with online gaming beyond that. Without making a shameless spit in their direction, let's just say that I left the game with feelings of disgust for their management and support personel and decided that I could do just as well and better to create an alternative to DragonRealms, etc., but with all of the rich features that makes it a game above many other text-based MUDs.

I had been considering something like this for a while and wasn't sure where exactly to begin. I played around with CircleMUD code but it lacked flexibility and decided to just start writing a codebase from scratch. Several months later we had an open beta period spanning until the day we went live, January 2002. I decided that if Eaxia Online was going to be a successful game, it would require all of my attention for development and then some, which means I would have to quit my job and charge players for the service, which I did. The rest is pretty much history.

Along the way, I met Rich Mondy, who was previously a top developer for Modus Operandi (another Simutronics product). For a few months, he helped developed with Eaxia Online before he decided to start Haelrahv, which has become very successful itself. We chose to unite and incorporate in early 2003 as the Role-Players Gaming Network.
GameDirector Exxy, CEO
Role-Players Gaming Network, Inc.
Eaxia Online, an adventure unlike any other...

Eaxia Online is a product of the Role-Players Gaming Network. Visit us online at http://www.role-players.com.
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