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I Love It

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I Love It

Postby ZDEPOT » Sep 23, 2005 (12:14 am)

[You guys probably get a lot of complaints here, and all of that fun stuff, but do you ever get positive comments? Anyway..]

I just wanted to say I love the game you've got here. I was a big fan of Modus Operandi and Dragon Realms in the past, but the price keeps me far away from reliving those memories. :x

I was pretty thrilled to play your game. It's similar, but different. I like it, I can tell it's going somewhere, and a few days in, and I'm already considering upgrading my account. Keep up the good work, and to the players who read this, keep playing. Finally something fun and affordable. :D
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New Forums Adventurer
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Postby KHODGES » Sep 23, 2005 (9:13 am)

Glad you like it! :) I'm on break for a while but I keep an eye on the boards. Hope you stick around a while, I look forward to meeting you.
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