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No exp gained for magic device ranks

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No exp gained for magic device ranks

Postby SURINEN » Apr 25, 2005 (4:44 pm)

Magic devices no longer gives me any exp points when a rank is gained. This happens in any/all rooms, location doesn't seem to matter. For a while at about 12 ranks exp was gained at 20% and 30% instead of at 0%.... now it no longer offers any notice to rank gain.
Thank you
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Postby GROVENBURGER » Apr 25, 2005 (7:20 pm)

Check your ranks by typing skill bonusless (I set up a hot key to check the 4 types of skill listings myself) - If you are an Elf you have a racial bonus in magical devices, so you'll appear to gain at really strange points because of this. It drove Datymin bonkers for a bit trying to figure this out. Druids have a slight bonus in wilderness lore and alchemy which does the same thing. I imagine there are a few others I've not yet noticed also.
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Postby GDEXXY » Dec 15, 2005 (7:13 pm)

As of today, SKILLS will now show your raw, earned ranks in a skill while SKILL BONUSES will show your skills plus bonuses from magical items, spells, race/class bonuses, etc., therefore SKILLS BONUSLESS no longer exists.
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