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I'm not sure what this is

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I'm not sure what this is

Postby HRFAITH » Apr 14, 2005 (9:44 pm)

A friend of mine is having problems. Problems I never experienced, so I don't know what to tell him.

He just restored his account and had a 5th level fighter on it. Didn't want to stay the race/profession he was, so he rerolled.

The following is a list of things he's tried...and when I say instant, I mean within 5 minutes - every time - no exceptions. Sometimes first time he was hit.

Code: Select all
First was an Elven Traveller with 8 vitality/16 agility:
Instant death in rats (no goblins, just rats).
Moved to beetles. Instant death from a single black beetle.
Remove all his inventory except essentials (armor, harness, weapon). Light encumbrance.
Instant death from a single black beetle.
Switched to melee weapon from ranged.
Instant death from a single black beetle.
Obtained a bonused (3+ stamina/-1 agility) item, bringing his stamina to 11 and his agility to 15.
Instant death from a single black beetle.
Obtained a bonused (3+ stamina/2+ strength/-1 agility) item, bringing his stamina to 14 and his agility to 14.
Instant death from a single black beetle.

Code: Select all
Second was a Half-Elven Mage
Same scenario with the lowest level creatures.

Code: Select all
Third is an Avian Monk, with those bonused items:
Str: 12   Int: 10   Wis: 14
Sta: 17   Agi: 16   Coo: 17
Same scenario, even with 17 stamina he's getting instant death.

He just can't seem to live long enough to learn anything. If he can't learn anything, he doesn't get the individual skills to be able to stand with the creatures.

I'm not sure, but it seems like there is something wrong with his character. I started in goblins with 7 stamina, bypassing rats completely, and never died at all there.

Any suggestions? If a staff member could take a look at the character, his name is Seraph Vorroc. Thank you.
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Postby HRBEAU » Apr 15, 2005 (8:40 am)

I'll second the thought that something might be wrong with his character. Poor guy couldn't even make it past one hit in betteles or rats usually.
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Postby GROVENBURGER » Apr 15, 2005 (7:48 pm)

Elves and Avians are the two most fragile races, and mages, travellers and young monks are also rather fragile, although half elves and monks to a much lesser extent. Although that monk with that agility and coordination should have been able to dodge beetles fairly well as long as he was not wearing armor.

I also have a character that always has a glitch though (he can never get his companion to come once he gets one, and it is a coding problem in him I know. :idea: But to test it he might try rolling up either an Ogre or Troll fighter with high stamina and strength and go in there and see what happens. If he dies that way there would be absolutely no doubt there is a problem.
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