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donations to Eaxia + carving question (seperate)

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donations to Eaxia + carving question (seperate)

Postby MATDRAINMD » Aug 19, 2004 (5:20 pm)

So are donations to Eaxia still a viable option? If so are you looking for monetary value or specific items for the computer in the works as per eaxia.com? If we make donations do we still got "privelages"? Also, if we send money orders or whatever....do we send it to the same address as the parts for the computer at
c/o Peter Souza
1461 Suncrest Circle
Bessemer, AL 35020

also...any chance of getting a complete list of carvables in order of difficulty? Not with the numbers required to do them, just order of difficulty that they go. That would be really really really swell and much appreciated.
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Postby GROVENBURGER » Aug 19, 2004 (7:07 pm)

The only way donations ever obtained anything special (privledges?) was during the findraisers when they were being run. Donating the computer equipment just helped the game make improvements- Thats what I have gotten outta the one or two little things I've donated, makes it easier to write new things for the game if Pete not having to spend all his time and effort making the hardware work/finding parts, etc.

The First houses,Special companions and custom character descriptions plus a few special alterations I suppose are what you would call privledges, but everyone had the same opportunity to purchase those during the fund raiser events- the last one of which ended many months ago.

Now as to carving difficulties I do have a list of the earlier items in order of difficulty if that helps. List follows:

In order of difficulty are vials,staffs,boxes,snakes,bracelets,anklets,mouse,rats,owls,canes,eagles,
I do know what Gorm did next was hawks,nightingale, then finally managed a pipe or two. After that he also did frogs ,cow ,bear ,lynx ,wolf ,panther ,tiger and I believe dog after the pipe but lost the order Gorm did em in. Daggers and swords came after most if not all of those and was where he was carving when skills were rewritten. Arrows,sheaths,rings,bowls,clogs, bracers and cross were also down in the easier levels, never recorded when i did those though. Sorry not more organized but its some referance for ya.
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Postby GDEXXY » Aug 20, 2004 (11:06 am)

We do not accept donations for "privileges", favors, status, experience, treasure, items, etc. We did, however, hold a number of events in the past where we sold basic (fluff) alterations, player homes, custom character descriptions, custom animal companions, and extra character slots during what we simply called Fundraiser. We are not currently hosting one and haven't for over a year.
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