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Barb Ablities

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Barb Ablities

Postby arriend » Jun 9, 2004 (12:04 am)

Brought it up for discussion on other threads, but in response to a more recent post by the big man himself, I've thought to come here and re-post.
Disarm is a bit buggy as far as messaging, I guess others see
*player* tires to disarm you with his/her *weapon*, but fails.
Out of 3 attempts, 2 failed and one succeeded, that is on a character more than 50 levels less then myself.
Whirlwind doesn't hit things of comprable level, misses on those I am guaged as well above...and the stun, not sure what it should be, but after having whirlwind upgraded once I can make a goblin archer go into a "bit dazed" state...followed by death, rightly so having over 300 ranks in the weapon and what not...I'll play on bigger things and see where it cuts off the dying part and see if we can't find stun length.
for warcry I went to stonegiants...quite a bit under me once more, but this would assure that we could get a decent result (or hope for one, having warcry twice upgraded.
anyhow, thought these findings were a bit peculiar.
Oh, and as far as damage resist goes, elders are up on the charts. Landed an insanely-damaging strike on one, dropped 'em to mildly wounded without a stun...that is after a powerful, devestating and good strike connected...all with a mighty greataxe...the insanely-damaging strike with the same weapon drops a stonegiant from full to dead. Just found that interesting...ed..) the result for the critters was a 6-8 second stund (3 giants, came out of the stun in a nice orderly fashion).

Certainly no hury with these, but thought I'd let ya know what's going on.
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