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Healing vs. Bandaging

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Healing vs. Bandaging

Postby ARMANTHISAMON » May 10, 2004 (1:33 pm)

I see it rather often in STS, the Castle's gameroom, and pretty much anywhere where someone with an injury more than just a minor cut (higher than 4) of characters of nearly every profession bandaging themselves.

Smark's reference to the need to try and heal and such while in combat with a non-cleric/druid/healer/paladin unit more refers to the aspect of First Aid, not necessarily healing.

First Aid, as I'll call it in this post here, doesn't actually heal a unit's injuries or health. The health still regenerates at the specific character's natural rate. All it does essentially is prevent blood loss, and possibly death, if the kitties don't keep bashing and bashing and bashing away, which they probably would anyways while the bandages are being applied.

But no, thieves, barbarians, fighters, travellers.. along with any other profession that doesn't inheret a special healing skill can still learn to bandage their own wounds. I do hope this helps to clarify any dispute that's arisen from
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