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Ranged weapon changes of 2/14

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Ranged weapon changes of 2/14

Postby THECAT » Feb 5, 2004 (1:55 am)

erm help please...10 levels and my weapons are on the frits

You adjust your footing and prepare to dodge.
[You feel completely healthy, are fatigued, in an excellent position, and are excellently balanced.]
[Roundtime: 3 seconds]
A black rat bites its teeth at you but you dodge the attack.
You fire and miss horribly, fumbling your crossbow in the process and mistakenly dropping it to the ground.
[You feel completely healthy, are exhausted, in a decent position, and are excellently balanced.]
[Roundtime: 5 seconds]
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Re: Ranged weapon changes of 2/14

Postby DERK » Feb 5, 2004 (4:30 pm)

Heh, Ya you might want to highlight that line, So you dont loose your weapon. It's a criticle failure.

Ah the memories of constantly droping my weapon. But hey at least you didnt shoot yourself ,I seem to remember doing that alot at one time too.,
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