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Trenmarc Wish List

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Trenmarc Wish List

Postby trenmarc-eaxia » Jan 5, 2004 (1:54 pm)

have several items i been brainstorming latly thought Id suggest em and see if they might eventually happen some are specific to Ranger guild and Ill post those there.

1)Fishing skill- we have many wonderful lakes, stream, oceans and bodies of waters in the land would be nice to be able to sit on a bank and relax by fishing. The better your fishing skill the better chance of catching bigger fish, actually landing the fish and possibly other variables. Fish could then be sold to a fish market or used in the recipe idea i suggest later in this.

2) Other non plant Foragables- partically useful if fishing could be implememented. You could forage for grubs, leeches, night crawler and red worms to fish with. Also some items for recipes could also be foragables like, crayfish, clams, mussels, wild tubers, etc. Also some items that coud help a new forager get started by perhaps just typing FORAGE and not a specific target. Examples, pebbles, grass.

3) Hunting skills- yep these I know are supposed to be coming just wanted to make a note that hopefully the critters used in game hunting are skinnable and perhaps meat from them could be used in my recipe idea.

4) Trapping skill- something that might only interest me cuase of Trenmarc's background as a trapper but goes along with game hunting. would like to be able to create and set traps, perhaps for specific targets.. ex. rabbit snare, that only a rabbit could get caught in. traps could be hidden in places and checked every so often for success. If player leaves land the trap would be poofed and also there are chances that the trap would be broken by the critter it trapped before the placer returned.

5) recipe system- would love to be able create our own foods to eat instead of having to buy from the stores. I think the recipe system could use basically the same system as alchemy or similiar and could be as simple as this. Recipe for potatoe soup. 1 part milk 3 parts potatoes 1 part wild onion combined in a pot over a heat source.

6) lore - books books books on many topics from fables to history to politics to cookbooks available for public buying.

sorry this was so long and will post my ranger ideas shortly

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