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Special thanks

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Special thanks

Postby DYLNPERRY » Dec 24, 2003 (1:35 am)

Special thanks goes out to Wilda for arriving in her wagon crafting for us all that were lucky enough to be awake at 2 am est. I loved my first chance at an alterer here and immedialty went into the pirate's lair where many pirates and buccaneers stopped me and asked where I got such a cool cloak, i responded immedialty with Wilda made it for me, then I went ahead and killed many of them as they wanted to steal my cloak.

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Young Forums Adventurer
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Re: Special thanks

Postby Clauddvon_Mauddiv » Dec 24, 2003 (10:08 am)

Congrats on the Cloak, Vedar! Wilda's one of a kind, indeed. Good going with those pirates, too. I'd have done the same thing if they were trying to steal my nifty altered cloak!

Clauddvon Maud'divv
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