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New Verb: Meep

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New Verb: Meep

Postby GDOBDURATUS » Apr 9, 2003 (2:32 pm)

Let the meeping begin! (And be sure to direct one at Keris for her insistance that we be able to :wink: )

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Eaxia Online senior staff
Eaxia Online senior staff
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Postby Guest » Apr 10, 2003 (1:56 pm)

ok im gonna feel stupid after this i'm sure but what is Meeping?? what is a meep? thanks :?:

Postby GDEXXY » Apr 10, 2003 (3:54 pm)

It's when you make a sound like how it's spelled. Such as "eek" and "eep".

It's a sound of excited, embarassed, or frightened exclamation.
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Eaxia Online owner
Eaxia Online owner
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