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PostPosted: Feb 26, 2012 (1:14 am)
game crashed again so im bored hoping it comes back up before i have to sleep, curious how many people even still look at the forums, seems rather dead though there's still a bunch of people who play. any idea's for keeping myself entertained? need somethin to do and im tired of reading and the internet on base sucks too bad to play many online games idk just bored and wonderin how many people will even read this :p

Re: bored

PostPosted: Feb 26, 2012 (7:31 am)
I look at the boards almost every day, little changes. I fear that we have become complacent and are settling in with status quo. Seems that something is crashing the game on a daily basis . . . as for decreasing your boredom level - hmmm have you tried reading, a good book is an excellent cure for boredom. I can recommend a few: The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, Dune, or Nelson Textbook of Pediatrics. If you like browsing the net and would like to learn something I suggest or or (here register/sign in and try the arcade). Now that I have cured you, I think I shall go see what other trouble I can get into.