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Whaaaaat I miss most...

PostPosted: Jun 28, 2009 (2:46 am)
The things I miss the most about Eaxia like a year ago aaaaareee..

Arguing with Gubbins in thoughts

Misleading new players into death traps

Wasting hours at STS chatting it up

Getting killed by Thanos' minions

Watching Hythanis kill Thanos' for having his minions kill me

Plotting with local necromancer Seth

Having a GM (Namely Carlyle) throw in emotes as he spies on our conversations

Convincing everyone my felt hat was an emote item even though I was just using the *smile* emote. ("Jamendithas smiles sheepishly as he tosses his hat into the air and catches it behind his back")

Actually helping out a newbie every once in awhile, hoping they'd become a mini-me so we could wreck havoc together (Necrosis was the only non-dissapointment)

Running around STS neked just to make people wonder why

Making people laugh, unlike the "chuckle". Which is just a polite way to say your joke wasnt funny

Being able to log on and get flooded with "Heys" in thoughts