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AWOL Pirates

PostPosted: Jul 2, 2007 (8:04 am)
I know I've been away a while now, partly from $$ and partly for personal reason. Tomorrow though is a big day for me in two ways. Assuming I make it past 10:30 AM I will have lived a half century at that point. :shock:

I've had a ton of fun in Eaxia, left for a while but came back just because I love this game. Right now what we thought was an ulcer or something turned out to be a bit more- so gonna let the heart surgeon take a crack at cleaning things up tomorrow (4 to 5 bypasses he says) so I'm around for another 50 years. Of course when they put you to sleep in the operating room one never knows- so if that the case didn't want to just fade away without saying so long. Keep some humor in the game and try and remember that old Ogre that would smile showing both good teeth (Groo) or the half insane completely drunken Dwarven priest to be (Vladim) or the cannibal Troll Healer (Jake) or even the Pirate trainee with the pet all the girls wanted to steal (the white tiger Purity).

However I will return to be a pain to each of you that have known me never fear. HAAARRRR! You'll never find me treasure chest ya landlubbers!!!!!!. Good luck trying.

PostPosted: Jul 2, 2007 (5:25 pm)
by ROB19700
I'll say a pray for you. I hope all is well and you live at least another 50 years!

PostPosted: Jul 3, 2007 (9:06 am)
Good luck to you and your family. Hope to see you back soon.

PostPosted: Jul 10, 2007 (3:53 pm)
Got home from hospital Sunday- right on schedule if not ahead of it so no glitches so far. So I will be back in the game one way or another soon. (Not too good about sitting in a chair very long at the moment though- but getting there). Me treasures still safe and hidden away mateys and I'll match me scars against anyones today Har!!! :twisted:

PostPosted: Jul 11, 2007 (5:48 am)
Glad to see you're back and in good spirits. Hope your recovery goes well. We need our pirate back!! :)

PostPosted: Jul 16, 2007 (7:13 am)
by Leyara
GMSAMANTHA wrote:Glad to see you're back and in good spirits. Hope your recovery goes well. We need our pirate back!! :)

What she said! Arrr, Yarr, Yo Ho and the like. Not going to try to compare scars, you win! However, I am truly glad your surgery went well and that your recovery is going smoothly. I'm sure you'll be back in rare pirate form soon.