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I return and then disappear in a flash.

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I return and then disappear in a flash.

Postby DEMONSGRIN » Dec 19, 2005 (7:42 pm)

Greeting all whom probably forgot this old veteran,*chuckles heartly* I have returned to wish you all a merry Chrismas. To those whom look back on the memories we all shared long ago I send you greetings and warm wishes to those whom do not know me I simply say well met. To Lanua and Lieza I send my warm feelings and hope your well in all you do. Mo you were like a father to me and for that I hope you well. To Nephtis and Malkus I am sorry I missed the wedding I bet it was great. To all those whom I didn't mention happy holidays and merry new years. I wish you all good tides and wishes. The time has come I am afraid to leave once more for distance lands, but if your ever in Maplestory or ever see me in another realm bend my ear and come talk. I bid you good year and Chrismas. Oh and Micheline I will see you soon my friend.

I have travelled many miles and seen many things. I wish to tell you those stories one day.

Your Friend and Brother in arms
Ben Snyder.
aka Karel Canas Demonsword.
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New Forums Adventurer
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Postby GROVENBURGER » Dec 19, 2005 (9:37 pm)

Always good to hear news of one of the old adventurers that have passed thru. Hope that you find what you seek out there.

Ed - the mindless entity behind many you have known, like Vladim, Groo and Jandar among others (and many you don't too! :lol: )
The Dread Pirate Datymin and crew!

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