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so like i was bored....

PostPosted: Dec 2, 2005 (10:27 pm)
yeah so like i was bored and decided to check out what all i had in my favorites and i still had eaxia in it so i thought hey why not see whats going on, so i did and theres pretty much nothing new in eaxia that i noticed and i've been gone for awhile now

PostPosted: Dec 3, 2005 (10:52 am)
by BRANDON9741
Yeah, not much is happening around here.

PostPosted: Dec 3, 2005 (11:17 am)
Well not much is happening in the forums but in game theres been quite a few changes/add-ons.
log to check them out .


PostPosted: Dec 3, 2005 (3:13 pm)
by Leyara
A new folder has been created in the Talk to Staff forums called Updates.

Staff will be using this board to post updates/changes as they go live so that those of you who cannot log into the game to read the news may also benefit from this knowledge.