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Hurricane Katrina

PostPosted: Sep 1, 2005 (4:36 pm)
by MRJ0K3R
As I'm sure most have heard, seen, or read Hurricane Katrina has laid
waste to much of the Southern United States sea board.
From Texas to Alabama over 90,000 sq miles has been devistated.
I do not know haw many Eaxians, or their friends & families
call the area home, but none the less,
Our hearts & prayers go out to ALL effected by this catastrophy.
My wifes Father & brother live in Luisianna,
& information is currently unknown.

From Farah & Malkus,
We hope & pray for the safety of all our fellow americans
in this time of horrible tradgedy.
Again, our hearts & prayers are with you all.

PostPosted: Sep 2, 2005 (5:08 am)
Farah and Malkus, my heart goes out to you both. I hope you get the good news soon that your family are okay.

I don't know if this will be any help, but there are web sites to help people such as yourselves find loved ones in LA.

The above site is asking for experienced help with their message board. Malkus, I know you're an old hand at that sort of thing, so if you're looking for a way to help and if you have time, this could be something you're interested in.

Another site I found listed is this: but I was unable to get to it. Perhaps they're overwhelmed.

And there is also soem information to be found at

Best of luck to you. You're all in my prayers.


PostPosted: Sep 3, 2005 (6:08 pm)
by MRJ0K3R
Just an update.
Melinda [Farah] has found out her Father & Brother are
about 1 & 1/2 hrs NE of New Orleans.
So they should be alright.

I have also submitted my services to
but have been informed they are regretfull to inform me they have
been fully staffed, & have numerous offers still pending.
TY for the information though Lady Astrid,
informative as always.

PostPosted: Sep 7, 2005 (5:54 pm)
by MRJ0K3R
Another update & one of not so good news.
Melinda's [Farah] Father was within the reach of Katrina.
Out of respect I won't deiscuss details, but he is alive.
Currently in Texas as part of the relocation & assistance project.
Still have yet to have direct contact, but
atleast we know he is alive.
Mel [Farah] isn't taking it the greatest right now,
still alot of questions left unanswered. Only time will tell . . .
So, if you happen by her in the lands
& she isn't in the brightest of spirits please do understand.