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PostPosted: Jul 8, 2005 (11:14 am)
by BRANDON9741
Im leavin' for a while...i'll probably be back after football season's over. I need my rest! See ya later everyone.

PostPosted: Jul 8, 2005 (4:22 pm)
Yup, My son knows what ya mean- he started working graveyard shift at McDonalds last week- been lifting weights for football all month- isn't used to sleeping days so I got a call from coach that he had passed out when he was feeling bad on the field after they ran a dash in competition (just low blood sugar-gatorade works wonders then- he had worked the shift right before but had camped out with buddies the night before (i.e. no sleep). He's fine but slept like the dead yesterday afterwards.

Besides ya need your beauty rest for certain! :twisted:

PostPosted: Jul 21, 2005 (3:27 pm)
I will miss your willow Koaru, it was growing so nicely.
"My spruce tree will be a perfect stairway to heaven."

PostPosted: Jul 23, 2005 (10:14 pm)
by BRANDON9741
I'll be back one day. :)

PostPosted: Jul 24, 2005 (4:49 pm)
And you raised the bar. Well done.